AI Box System

AI Box System

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and forklifts operate in dynamic environments teeming with various elements such as pedestrians, and other vehicles that frequently move nearby. These heavy vehicles often engage in sudden movements — reversing, advancing, and maneuvering laterally — during routine operations. 

This unpredictability introduces a significant safety hazard, potentially endangering nearby individuals and objects. Traditional safety measures, including driver monitors paired with reverse and side-view cameras, fall short of mitigating collision risks. This is primarily because HGV and forklift operators cannot continuously observe the monitors, and the cameras cannot issue audio warnings. To address this, we introduce a groundbreaking innovation: the AI Box System.
This technology elevates standard cameras to AI-enabled devices. It proactively identifies potential hazards within the camera’s field of view, such as pedestrians, and other vehicles. 

Upon detecting a potential collision risk, the system promptly delivers both auditory and visual warnings to the driver, using the system’s monitor to showcase the identified objects on a designated screen. 
By providing this enhanced level of situational awareness, the AI Box System significantly contributes to the prevention of workplace accidents.

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