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Driver distraction is one of the leading causes of road accidents.

The stimuli that advanced technology brings into the cabin of the vehicle lead to the driver not being focused on the road. The challenges faced by the driver vary according to the environment in which they are driving.

In urban travel, they need to deal with cyclists, pedestrians, driving in narrow spaces, etc. In inter-city travel, the driver must deal with the danger of vehicles emerging from behind and sometimes in challenging weather conditions. The size and length of the vehicles, a challenging driving environment, and long working hours lead to a wear down in the driver’s alertness level and necessitate the integration of advanced technologies to assist the driver in avoiding road accidents.

The use of advanced technology enables the offering of assistance systems that help the driver overcome challenges and create a working environment with fewer tensions and surprises.

SerVision is proud to offer solutions based on advanced technology that are integrated with various vehicle systems to address safety challenges.

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