Inability to acquire a publicly-accessible IP address is no longer a problem!


The SVProxy3 is a three-in-one server solution that helps users overcome a range of network-related challenges. The SVProxy3 solution enables transmission of video and other data from video gateways that have SIM cards with private or dynamic IP addresses, or in cases where the cellular operator uses a firewall to block incoming connections from the Internet. One server can support connectivity with up to 300 x video gateways, and can be deployed anywhere in the cloud.


The SVProxy3’s built-in video distributor solves a common bottleneck problem when too many clients attempt to access video from the same camera or video gateway simultaneously. For mobile projects, where the cellular upload capacity is highly limited and there is not enough bandwidth to accommodate multiple stream requests, the video distributor can open a single live video stream from the video gateway and rebroadcast it to multiple clients without adversely affecting the quality of any viewer’s stream.


· Proprietary Proxy Server: enables remote streaming and downloading of video when a router or other firewall prevents client applications from connecting to the video gateway, or when a cellular carrier does not permit external access to a video gateway that is connected to the Internet via GSM
· Video Distributor: reduces networking bottlenecks, especially when upload bandwidth resources are limited, that are exacerbated by too many simultaneous stream requests from client applications
· DDNS server: enables users to connect to a video gateway using an easy to remember domain name (DNS) instead of a dynamically assigned IP address


  • 4-ch video inputs
  • Proprietary/patented video compression technology, optimized for transmitting live video over cellular/wireless connections
  • Built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi
  • D1/CIF/QCIF recording up to 30FPS
  • 6-input sensor; 2-output activator
  • Data rate: variable 5kbps to 2Mbps per channel
  • Bi-directional audio support; built-in speaker
  • Recording Medium: 3.5″ 250GB/500GB/1TB HDD
  • Power input: 12V; Max. power consumption: 17W
  • Operating temperature: 0C – 45C; 32F – 113F
  • Dimensions: 185(W)x158(D)x76(H) mm; 7.2”x6.2”x2.9”
  • Weight: 2 kg; 4.4 lbs