Since 9/11, public transportation systems have become more vulnerable than ever, as they are an obvious terrorist target. The potential price to pay for security breaches has become exceedingly high. As a result, there is an increasing need to secure central stations and airports.

SerVision provides a comprehensive and robust video surveillance solution for the public transportation sector. By installing SerVision’s IVG systems throughout bus and train stations, local security personnel at each site’s control center, as well as police/government officials, have direct access to all camera feeds.

SerVision’s solution also provides real-time notification via SMS and e-mail so that key decision makers can be alerted when events are generated, wherever they are. With an up-to-date and complete picture of the situation at hand, the overall security and ability to effectively respond to any situation is significantly improved.

SerVision’s IVG series can stream high-quality video over cellular and other wireless networks. On the client side, users can securely access all stored and live feeds from their smart phones or from a central monitoring station.

VIDEO: MVG400 installed in City of Jerusalem’s Light Rail System

VIDEO: SVMultiClient in Action!


School buses need constant monitoring. With dozens of unsupervised children and teens there will likely be misconduct. Since the bus driver needs to remain focused on the road and not on the student passengers, school administrators are increasingly exploring the use of a real-time on-board video surveillance solution to offer an effective remote monitoring solution.

SerVision’s MVG (Mobile Video Gateway) is an ideal monitoring solution for bus fleets. Installed together with up to four or eight analog cameras on each bus, the MVG connects to the Internet via a cellular modem to transmit live video from the bus while in transit. Live and recorded video from the bus can be streamed to PCs, smart phones, or laptops. In addition to viewing live/recorded video, school authorities are able to remotely pinpoint the location of the bus via the MVG’s built-in GPS system, get real-time notifications on dangerous driving or vehicle collisions via the built-in Accelerometer, receive alarms when the bus has gone outside its predefined route via the unit’s GeoFencing feature, and hold a two-way conversation with the driver via a microphone and speaker connected to the MVG.

When the buses are parked in the school yard, the MVGs automatically connect to SerVision’s SVNVR via a local Wi-Fi hotspot. All recorded content from the bus is transmitted for backup and review purposes if needed. This way, school administrators can take disciplinary action against students who destroyed public property or misbehaved en route to and from school. The video footage can even be brought as evidence in court if need be – the digital signature incorporated in every video frame ensures the integrity of the video.

As part of the solution, SerVision can provide an on-board monitoring station for the driver. This console enables the driver to see the entire bus without taking his eyes off the road. A panic button is also available – enabling the driver to alert off-site security staff when needed.


Taxi drivers operate in a high risk environment – they carry around large sums of cash and have constant interaction with strangers in an isolated environment. SerVision’s two channel CVG-M is the perfect solution for enhancing driver and passenger safety.

Compact and highly cost-effective, the CVG-M offers two video channels and a built-in cellular modem for remote viewing of the vehicle from the taxi company’s control center. The unit has an internal GPS module for remote fleet tracking and supports bi-directional audio for two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers. A removable micro SD card enables local recording for post-event analysis and review. Easy access to recorded video can be very helpful to investigators who are pursuing crimes committed during transport, and can be helpful to taxi companies in settling legal claims against their drivers.

In addition to all of the security-oriented functionality offered by the CVG-M, taxi companies are able to generate significant revenue from the unit. The CVG-M can store and playback advertising content created by local venders. The ads are displayed on a flat screen monitor installed on the back seat of the vehicle for easy viewing by passengers. Cooperation between taxi and advertising companies not only offsets the installation costs of the CVG-M, but also helps them turn a profit.


Police vehicles are subject to constant threats during day-to-day operations. They are also exposed to public complaints and lawsuits about their conduct in the field.

SerVision Video Gateways provide the ideal solution to monitor both the external situation and activity within the police vehicle at all times. By connecting to camera streams from inside and outside of the vehicle, police authorities can view live footage in real time.

Video streams can be accessed directly by high level personnel, control rooms and first response teams. With the complete picture available in real time, the rapid and effective responses can be provided to any situation.

Locally recorded footage can be investigated in the event that there are legal claims for police misconduct. The content can even be brought as evidence in court if need be – the digital signature incorporated in every video frame ensures the integrity of the video and the audio recorded stream attached to each camera ensures that all relevant information is presented when playing back video.


Mass public transportation systems carry thousands of commuters and other passengers every day and every hour. Trains, in particular, have become a prime target for terrorist attacks. They are also highly vulnerable to vandalism and other criminal activities perpetrated by passengers.

With SerVision’s Mobile Video Gateways installed onboard the train, it is possible to continuously monitor what is happening in and around each train car. SerVision’s mobile gateways use advanced compression technologies to enable high-quality video streaming over cellular networks. The video gateways comply with the EN50155 train vibration standard allowing for smooth and clear real-time video streams to train control centers.

In the case of an event, automatic notifications can be sent via SMS or e-mail to the relevant personnel. Real-time video streams can also be accessed by police and other emergency response teams from any location via their smart phone or laptop.

Combined with the SVNVR server, this turn-key solution will enable high-speed download of footage to a dedicated storage server upon arrival of the train to its station, for archiving and evidence-storing purposes.