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Helping With the Fight Against Terrorism

The Berlin lorry attack that killed 12 people and injured 48 others raises a pressing question for security services across the world: what can be done to stop such attacks again ? The attack on Berlin’s Christmas market came six months after a 19-tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

The Importance of Integration When Looking at Fleet Management

The market of video recording systems in the field of public transport has, in the past year, experienced a dramatic turnaround in terms of regulatory requirements and technologies.

Solutions for Mobile Platforms

Mobile video solutions for Buses, Police Vehicles, Cash-in-Transit, Trains, Ambulances, Trucks, Taxis, Armored Vehicles, Private/Public Transportation, Patrol Cars, and more…

Solutions for Remote Locations

Video protection for remotely-located sites, cellular base stations, warehouses, tankers, CCTV poles, ATMs, busy intersections, construction sites, and more…

New Features for v.26: Geolocation, More Alerts, and more…

Browse the latest features available on the latest v. 26 firmware release… GeoFencing and Route Deviation, Idle Monitoring, Speed Limit notifications, and more… Take advantages of these new features by upgrading today!

The new MVG200: Good Things Do Come in Small packages!

Yes, the MVG200 is finally here… Built-in Wi-Fi and Accelerometer, MicroSD recording, Superior heat distribution in an extra-small enclosure, and very, very cost-effective! The new MVG200 is finally here!

SVControlCenter: Enterprise-level Reliability You Can Count On!

Need to manage an extensive number of gateways? Tired of using several management solutions for you business? Enter SVControlCenter – Enterprise-level reliability you can count on!

VIDEO: MVG400 installed in City of Jerusalem’s Light Rail System

VIDEO: SVMultiClient in Action!